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Now more than ever, local and state elections matter for climate action

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In short: we want to empower you to vote as an informed climate voter. Here are the resources we offer: 

1. Candidate Responses. These pages features City of Grand Rapids Mayor and City Commissioner candidates' and Kent County Commissioner candidates’ answers to a climate questionnaire. 

2. Lawn Signs. You may have seen our earlier signs  'GR Climate Neutral by 2030' around town. Our new signs carry a message reminding the community that elections are essential in the struggle for a better future. If we are to influence policy, we must elect candidates who are serious about acting on climate and environmental injustice. Learn here how you can get a lawn sign

The August 6 primary and November 5 general election are approaching quickly. As in 2022, the GR Climate Coalition is putting energy into helping our supporters and residents all over Grand Rapids and Kent County turn out to vote and make informed voting decisions in 2024. We want everyone in our community to have access to information about where candidates stand on issues of climate and environmental justice. (Note: GR Climate Coalition is not endorsing any candidates.)

We want to raise climate higher on peoples' list of voting priorities. And we want to make it easier for the community to elect officials who will step up and deliver strong and equitable climate policy — and hold them accountable if they don't. 




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