We are working to make Grand Rapids a leader in the fight
for carbon neutrality and
climate justice

The Grand Rapids Climate Coalition is a growing alliance of community groups, neighborhood associations, nonprofits, faith groups, businesses, and educational institutions.
We want the City to take strong action against climate change in Grand Rapids. 

The goal of the Grand Rapids Climate Coalition is to persuade the
Grand Rapids City Commission to:

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Declare a Climate Emergency
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Commit to achieving community-wide carbon-neutrality for Grand Rapids by 2030

The passage and enactment of the Resolution will ensure that Grand Rapids remains a desirable and green city for generations to come and will be placed on the map of the ever-expanding list of global cities who have committed to intentional measures to attenuate climate change.

Our coalition envisions Grand Rapids as a center for climate justice: an equitable community where its residents and visitors thrive; with clean air free from pollutants and greenhouse gases; clean water free from harmful chemicals and plastics; renewable energy free from devastating environmental impact and exploitation; widely-accessible, zero-emissions public transportation; and a clean food system that is regenerative for the environment and human health.

Our Vision

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The primary aim of environmental justice is to ensure each and every person benefits from equal degree of protection from environmental and health hazards and has an equal voice in the decision-making process regarding those protections and policies.

Neighborhoods of color and lower socioeconomic groups are burdened with a disproportionate number of environmental health hazards despite having the least amount of fault in causing the climate crisis.  


We want the City to keep the impacts to frontline communities central to their planning and implementation processes.

Our strongest central ideal is based on environmental justice and a just transition to an ecologically sustainable and equitable economy.


We believe ALL people have a basic right to a clean and healthful environment.

Our Commitment to Equity

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Resolution passed and enacted by the City Commission

Community engagement through advocacy for supporting the Resolution

Educate and inspire Grand Rapids residents regarding actions each one of us can take to mitigate climate change.

Connect Grand Rapids residents from all walks of life in sharing their stories and efforts towards mitigating climate change.

Our Objectives

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Because the climate fight is a justice fight.  Because climate solutions are health solutions.  Because climate change causes change in every aspect of our lives.