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  • Why are you creating a Resolution?
    The goal of the Grand Rapids Climate Resolutional Coalition is to persuade the Grand Rapids City Commission to: 1. declare a Climate Emergency and 2. commit to achieving community-wide carbon neutrality for Grand Rapids by 2030. Such a resolution, once passed by the GR City Commission, would be an official commitment by the city government to take specific actions.
  • Where did this resolution come from?
    Many organizations and individuals in Grand Rapids have joined together in the Grand Rapids Climate Resolution Coalition to write and advocate for the passage of the Resolution by the City Commission. We hope that YOU will be part of this coalition! We need many Grand Rapids voices!
  • What is the Climate Emergency?
    Greenhouse gases introduced into Earth’s atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution have contributed to a rapid rise in average global temperatures. This has caused significant environmental damage already, with projections for even more dire consequences, including rises in ocean levels that will threaten coastal communities, increases in extreme weather events, crop losses that could lead to food shortages, and a large number of people becoming “climate refugees.” Michigan has experienced a consistent increase in annual precipitation, and temperatures in the Great Lakes region have risen faster than global averages. Unless serious action is taken, we could be looking at huge impacts on Michigan’s agricultural sector and other parts of our economy, increases in ticks, mosquitos and their associated diseases, even significant influxes of people into our state as their own regions lose access to fresh water and they turn to the Great Lakes for refuge.
  • What will happen if the Grand Rapids City Commission passes our resolution?
    Once the City Commission has passed the resolution, it will be necessary for the City, in partnership with the community and with experts, to develop a detailed climate action plan for Grand Rapids. Such a plan will likely include increases in renewable energy production and distribution, energy efficiency upgrades to buildings, expanded public transportation, and many other steps.
  • Is this sort of thing happening anywhere else?
    Yes! Our proposed resolution is in line with strong climate actions being taken by many American cities, counties, and states. In Michigan, examples include Ann Arbor, Traverse City, and Kalamazoo. Nationally, big name cities like Boston and Seattle have moved ahead, joined by strong actions in mid-sized communities comparable to Grand Rapids, such as Athens, Ohio; Worcester, Massachusetts; New Haven, Connecticut; Orange County, North Carolina; and Santa Rosa, California, among many others. Our proposed resolution is consistent with the City of Grand Rapids’ own stated goals. In February 2019, at the Michigan Climate Action Summit, Mayor Rosalynn Bliss expressed, "our desire to be the greenest mid-sized city in the country."
  • How can I help?
    SIGN ON TO THE RESOLUTION, as an individual and if your organization is willing to sign on as well. We also have a range of needs you can choose to help with: Have your group/organization/business join the Coalition and attend Coalition meetings. We need community input on the ideas and the words. Point us toward any other possible community partners or contacts. We appreciate any connections that can strengthen our network. Email to get started!
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