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YOU Can Weigh In on Consumers Energy's Plan

Consumers Energy has crafted a 15-year plan on how they are going to spend your money to deliver energy to your home or place of work. It will affect how they will deal with shut offs and power failures, both of which are even more crucial with increasing floods from rain.

This plan – officially the Integrated Resource Plan, or IRP – has serious implications because it will be in effect for 15 years – a decade and a half. It will determine how much Consumers Energy will continue to burn coal and gas to make energy. Burning coal and gas produces carbon that traps too much of the sun’s heat and causes the climate crisis we are in. Burning coal, gas and oil is directly connected to the record fires out west, the massive storms in the south and southeast and the record rains and floods right here in Michigan.

Fortunately, the Michigan Public Service Commission provides you with a way to have input on how Consumers Power spends your money over the next 15 years.

Making a public comment is a small, quick action that has a potentially large impact.

Join the call TODAY for ConsumersEnergy to move ASAP to wind, solar and energy storage:

Our Vice Chair, Rich Kilmer has written an op-ed for the Holland Sentinel outlining what's at stake with this plan. Read more here or below!

Consumers Energy IRP Op-Ed (Richard Killmer)
Download PDF • 218KB

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