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Note: This is a living document and is subject to changes.

Once the Resolution passes, the city government will:

  • Form a Climate Emergency Task Force to create a “2030 Carbon Neutral Grand Rapids Plan.” The Task Force will be made up of community members and experts on climate, cities, transportation, and energy. City government will participate in the Task Force, but the plan will be developed by the whole group.

  • Commit to environmental justice, public health, and equitable outcomes, particularly for Black, Indigenous, persons of color, and low-income people in frontline communities who have been most negatively impacted by climate change.

  • Commit to a “just transition” of economy and infrastructure away from fossil fuels: less pollution, better transportation, more greenspace and gardens and access to food, cleaner and more energy-efficient places to live, and new and better jobs.

  • Commit to more staff and resources for sustainability and climate change.

  • Commit to work for changes in Michigan laws that restrict the use of renewable energy, perpetuate environmental injustice, and take choices away from individuals, neighborhoods, and communities.

  • Listen to, involve, and educate the whole community about these positive changes.

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